Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island

Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island by Paul Colley - photo of book
Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island by Paul Colley

When Paul Colley approached me about his book I can honestly say that I’m not sure I had heard of Ascension Island, let alone knew anything about it. This is such an obscure and isolated location it truly is unlike anywhere else on earth. Relatively few people get to visit aside the military, but that is slowly changing and while divers have long been able to enjoy the benefits of a location which literally juts up off the ocean floor – attracting all kinds and sizes of marine life – Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island: Guide to a Marine Life Paradise should open up the possibilities to a far wider audience. 

Paul’s book is the first to detail the range and variety of dive sites on offer, as well as catalogue much of the marine life. As he is a multiple award-winning underwater photographer the book has the images to back up his simple, practical dive site guides. Also included are illustrations of sites with suggested routes and things not to miss. It is a long way back to Ascension after all!

I was extremely proud that this excellent book should be the first Dived Up Guide published by the Dived Up brand. It is available in paperback from the Dived Up website and via Amazon (also as a Kindle version).


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