Whores and Highwaymen

Whores and Highwaymen cover
Whores and Highwaymen by Gregory J Durston

Whores and Highwaymen (Crime and Justice in the Eighteenth-Century Metropolis) by Gregory J. Durston is the latest job completed for legal publisher Waterside Press. It is a mammoth hardback of nearly 700 pages. It also features an eight-page plate section and a wrap-around jacket/cover.

For this book I handled the typesetting, jacket cover design, spine block design and plate (image) section layout.

Plate section image
End of the plate section

The cover design incorporated several images by eighteenth-century English artist William Hogarth and swash-alternative Caslon font on the main title for an old-time feel. More works by Hogarth are included in the plate section which also features a beautiful reproduction of a Thomas Rowlandson aquatint.

Hardcover spine print
Embossed spine print

Underneath, the cloth was embossed with fonts to match the cover – in a gold finish adding to the quality feel of this weighty historical tome.

For more details about the book visit the Waterside Press page about the book: Whores and Highwaymen by Gregory J Durston, it can also be seen/bought on Amazon.

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