About Links

Links are very important to search engine rankings. The more relevant the link the higher value placed on it. Several things affect this:

  • The content of the referring page
  • The content of the landing page
  • The text of the link, e.g. “the best advice you can get on links” helps rankings for a links advice page more than “for the best advice you can get on links click here”
  • The accrued rankings of those pages
  • All manner of additional factors that the clever bods at Google etc. decide to consider.

The most important thing is to get as many links as you can. If links come from related sites with similar content that is even better. If the related site is also an authoritative site that is highly considered that is even better. If the link text is also relevant to the material on the landing page then that is fantastic.

Think about who might give you a link. Local businesses you have dealings with. Customers who like what you do. Trade bodies.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a link, and for specific text to be used for that link.

Directories – for free links e.g.

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